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I am an early career researcher in modern history. I specialise in the histories of Mexico and of communism, but I am also interested in the Cold War more generally, in global strands of socialism, anarchism and communism, and in literature and the left. After an undergraduate degree in Modern History and Politics, I moved to the Institute of Latin American Studies in London to undertake an MA (Area Studies) in 2003. I then worked at Canning House for four years in events management and membership before beginning my doctoral research on the Mexican left in 2008. I completed my PhD in summer 2012 and graduated that¬†December. I took a couple of years away from academic work doing childcare, then I taught Latin American history at Warwick, UCL and LSE. I am currently Lecturer in Modern History at St. Catherine’s College, University of Oxford and Adjunct Professor of Latin American Studies at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (Bologna).

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dear Dr. Booth,

    In the course of this year I have interpreted at two Cambridge University events related to Latin America, one at CAMSED and one at the Institute of Education (video sample available). In both cases, there was a speaker who preferred to give his talk in Spanish and I interpreted into English.

    I am writing to you to enquire whether you might need an interpreter at your forthcoming “Radical Americas” conference. I am a UCL graduate, Westminster postgraduate, IoL qualified interpreter (DPSI awarded in 2005 with a distinction and three merits). I am an EU citizen, born in Mexico.


    Adriana Alexander, B.A., PGCert, DPSI (English – Latin American Spanish)

    • Dear Adriana,
      Many thanks for your interest in the conference; I’m afraid we are conducting this entire conference in English. However, in the future we might wish to offer Spanish or Portuguese panels so we will bear you in mind.
      Best wishes

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