Conference Papers/Public Presentations

2017        Radical Americas Symposium (UCL-IA)

“Revisiting Marxism’s ‘Great Historical Failure’”


2017        SCS Conference (University of Essex)

“Martín Luis Guzmán (Panel: Networking in New York, 1909-1939)”


2017        St. Catherine’s College (University of Oxford)

“Fom Guzmán to Bolaño: Literature and Politics in Post-Revolutionary Mexico” 


2017        SLAS Conference (University of Glasgow)

“Digging its own Grave? The Mexican Marxist Left and the Election of 1946”


2016        Radicals under the Radar (University of Essex/University of Notre Dame)

“Crossing, Passing, Kissing, Cussing: Langston Hughes in Mexico”


2016        SLAS Conference (University of Liverpool)

“The Case for an ‘Early Cold War’ in Latin America”


2016        Global Histories of Latin America’s Revolutionary Left (LSE)

“A Prehistory of Revolution: Some Aspects of the Latin American Left in the Early Cold War, 1945-59”


2016        IHR Latin American Seminar (Senate House)

(Trans) Nationalism: Migrant and Diasporic Radicalism in Early Cold War Latin America”


2015        Radical Americas Symposium (UCL-IA)

“Langston Hughes in Mexico”


2014        SLAS Conference (Birkbeck College)

“Fiction of Memory and Memory of Fiction: Communism in Mexican Writing during the Cold War (and Beyond)”


2014        Radical Reflections: The 20th Anniversary of the EZLN Uprising (Cambridge)

“The Print Media Reaction to the EZLN Uprising”


2014        Radical Americas Symposium (UCL-IA)

“Radical Politics in Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam Trilogy”


2013        Radical Americas Symposium (UCL-IA)

“North American Marxisms, 1945-48”


2012        Institute for the Study of the Americas PhD Workshop

“Contextualising the Mexican Left, 1945-8”


2012        ESSHC (University of Glasgow)

The Mexican Communist Party in Comparative Perspective: Towards a Schema for the Postwar Conjuncture”


2011        Local Communisms Conference (University of Glamorgan)

“Hegemonic Nationalism, Subordinate Marxism: The Case of Mexico”


2011        PILAS Conference (University of Cambridge)

“Traitors, Splitters and the Language of Faction: The Mexican Left in 1947”


2010            The Cold War and the Americas Conference (ISA, London)

“The Marxist Round Table in Cold War Context”


2010        LSE Cold War Seminar

“The Mexican Left in the Early Cold War”


2009        CCBH-IHR Summer Conference

“Atlantic Diffraction: Contrasting U.S. and British Views of Mexico during the Early Cold War”

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